Superwoman (Writing Challenge Day 10)

A thirty year old balding guy enters. He is wearing a corporate suit. Slowly, he takes off his jacket and loosens his tie. He takes off the tie and the shirt, kicking his shoes off. He peels off his pants and socks. In his leather thong, he sits on the vanity table.


He takes some foundation and slowly applies it to his face. After that, he puts on some blush-on. He picks up his kit of fake eyelashes and puts it on. He stands up and goes to the cabinet to put on a pair of push-up bras. He fills up with the bras with paper. He goes to get up a black cocktail gown and puts it on. The blonde wig beside it was elegantly placed atop his head.


And shoes. Of course, the shoes. Four-inch stilletos, nothing less.



I don’t know how people can wake up every morning and not be superwoman.