Ballsy Play (Writing Challenge Day 11)

Lights very very very very very very very very very very very very very slowly fading in.

Eight bodies are seen onstage. They are lined-up in a firing squad position even if that goes against every creative taste the director has. They are from SR to SL – (1) a wealthy tycoon whose son, whom he gave everything to, went on a massive killing spree and murdered family after family; (2) a disheveled clown holding a balloon that says ‘Happy Birthday son.’; (3) an OFW whose hands were cut after he was accused of stealing bread that he was promised of; (4) a skater-punk who recently got tested for AIDS – after getting news of passing the UPCAT, he passed another test; (5) Superwoman, a 30-year old drag queen, trapped in a business world by day yet lets her full diva powers loose by night; (6) a comatose victim of rampant hate crimes, his bruised head banged against the towerous posts of Meralco before being beaten by his own bicycle; (7) a young boy, his fingers mangled from the creation and testing of New Year’s Eve firecrackers; and (8) a callboy just because it’s not a Riley Palanca-play without a callboy.


(chanting in rising crescendo and in round)


A barrage of basketballs fall from the sky.