Monthly Archive: September, 2011

A Chriscent Conversation (Writing Challenge Day 30)

CHARACTERS: Chris1 (Heart of the Matter, Layer Upon Layer, WC 20) Chris2 (The Three Young Men in the Life of Chris) Kris1 (Bicolandia, WC 6) Kris2 (WC22) Joe (Magkano, WC 14, 18, 23)… Continue reading

Creationtheory (Writing Challenge Day 29)

A dolphin jumps from below the stage.   PRIESTESS …And thus heaven and hell was formed.   A dagger plunges through her heart.

Butt (Writing Challenge Day 28)

Two men are sitting alone on adjacent tables.   MAN1 Nice night for a papaya. (takes out a cigarette) A light?   The second man flicks open his lighter and burns the first… Continue reading

Wakwak (Writing Challenge Day 27)

A horde of angry naked men rush from stage right to stage left.   A loud shriek from stage left.   A horde of terrified men rush from stage left to stage right.… Continue reading

Interlaced Wires (Writing Challenge Day 26)

  GUY 1 C2C. C2C. C2C. C2C.   GUY2 Hello? Hello? Number cannot be reached. Hello!   GUY3 M cuming. Aaaa. M cuming now.   GUY4 Top or Bottom? Bottom? Shit!   GUY1… Continue reading

A Vow of Nothing (Writing Challenge Day 25)

A man sits down on a toilet   MAN Nothing. I dug down deep and felt nothing. From the first time I saw her at our wedding, escorted down the aisle by two… Continue reading


A man crosses from stage right to stage left leading another man by a chain attached to the latter’s collar. The latter man is crawling on all fours, like a dog.   The… Continue reading

Teacher/Student (Writing Challenge Day 23)

It’s late and I’m sleepy so I’ll just quote something I revised for Magkano. Do comment, especially if you know the story of Magkano. I’m trying something new for the character of Rick… Continue reading

Hotel at the Edge of the World (Writing Challenge Day 22)

Again, another story idea for the fantasy round of cw111. Argh, I have so many ideas! Again, yes, this is fiction but let’s just not pretend it’s not a play masquerading as fiction.… Continue reading

Untethered (Writing Challenge Day 21)

MAN You let him lose again?   WIFE He ran away!   MAN You couldn’t have catched him?   WIFE You know how fast he is. You try!   MAN Yeah, I will.… Continue reading