Wishes (Writing Challenge Day 13)

A woman in white robes cradles a wad of swaddling rags.


Don’t be afraid. Hush, little one, hush. Mommy’s gonna fix your cradle. Mommy promises – stop crying, little one. The cradle will be up in less than a day. Mommy promises it, dearie. Then you’ll lie down again and smile and sleep like the sweet angel you are. Yes, dearie, Mommy promises it. You just wait, little one. Wait for a little bit more, a little bit longer and soon you will be asleep. Your lips sucking your right thumb, the taste of sweet milk inside of you. Please don’t cry, baby. Please don’t. Please don’t cry, little one. Mommy promises it. Mommy will build you a cradle, the best one, the biggest and most colorful one you could ever want, little one. Please don’t cry. Please.

A thousand raging storks fly from stage right.

The woman lets out a blood-curling greek cry.