Vageena (Writing Challenge Day 16)

Superwoman enters the stage. It is around four am. She is sweaty. Her lipstick has smeared, her hair is in disarray. In her right hand, she holds her four-inch stilletoes, her feet sore from walking in them all night. She drops her shoes and goes to the mirror. She takes off her wig, careful that the hairpins don’t mangle. With a piece of tissue, she wipes off the lipstick on her face. She wets a piece of cloth and wipes the foundation off as well. Not enough, it’s not yet off. She wets another cloth to get more foundation off. She closes one eye as she pluck off the fake eyelashes, careful that her nails won’t get into the eyes. The nails! Damn it, she should’ve gotten hair nails off first. She slowly peels off the nails, one-by-one and lay them with the eyelashes. She unlatches her necklace – it takes her a couple of tries to do so, the latch always hard to open. She slowly unzips her dress from behind, the sleekness bouncing off the curves of her body. After it falls to her ankles, she unklasps her bra and puts it as well as the padding inside it away. She puts her hand inside her red thong and slowly takes off a piece of masking tape. Pain registers on her face. She opens her clutch bag and checks her phone. Nothing. From her bag she takes a bottle of pills, checks the label and pops one.


He stands in front of the mirror.



Just because I don’t have a vagina, doesn’t mean I don’t know the pains of being a woman.