The Holy Fire: Part 1 (Writing Challenge Day 20)

Just trying to throw some ideas for cw111’s fantasy story. Not sure if this is the narrative I’m doing though. Yes, I’m aware it’s fiction but let’s not pretend it’s not a play masquerading as fiction.


On the fourth knock, Mother Cassandra finally opened the door to her office. “Forgiveness, Revan,” she muttered to the drenched visitor. “You’re early.”

“It is of no importance, Mother.” Revan closed his umbrella and stepped in. “It is a good night albeit a rainy one.”

“Indeed, the weather seems to dampen everything these days. Hot tea?”

“No, thank you, Mother. I’d rather we get down to business.”

“As you wish.” She looked at the young nun kneeling by her table. “Novice, perhaps we could continue our war plans later. Revan and I have to talk.”

“Must I retire to the Sacred Armory, Mother?” The Novice placed her right hand to her cheek. Revan noticed it was gloved while the other was not.

“Wait outside. Revan and I won’t take long.”

The Novice bowed to them before leaving the room.

“I must apologize for interrupting your strategies.” Revan sat down on the chair vacated by the Novice.

“There are far more pressing matters, Revan.” Mother Cassandra sat opposite him. “Frankly, all our weapons would be for naught if we could not neutralize their powers.”

“Your nuns haven’t made Lion talk, yet?”

“They’ve seared his body with the Holy Flame, yet all he does is roar. Such a hopeless case, that animal.”

“Then all that remains is the painter? Good. Let me have a crack at him.”

“I’ve ordered my nuns not to touch him. The moment my nuns rounded him up, I’ve sensed great power in him, pulsating in his work. This called for the work of a professional.”

“You flatter me too much, Mother Cassandra. Can I see him?”

“Beware his power, Revan. I need his power. It is the key to winning this war. You have my permission to use anything to get it from him.” She poured herself a glass of tea. “My Novice will bring you to him. I do not like going to the dungeons myself. It depresses me to see the levels these Freedom Fighters go to to destroy the system we’ve fought to preserve.”

Mother Cassandra rang a small bell. The Novice reentered the room. “Yes, Mother?”

“Show Revan to the painter’s cell.”