Hotel at the Edge of the World (Writing Challenge Day 22)

Again, another story idea for the fantasy round of cw111. Argh, I have so many ideas! Again, yes, this is fiction but let’s just not pretend it’s not a play masquerading as fiction. I’m not, so it’s still very much in the vein of my all-play writing challenge.




“I am not spending our honeymoon here.” Kris threw his bags on the suspiciously-unwashed mattress. “After all the planning we’ve been through!”

“I’m not happy too, babe.” Ray took Kris’ hand. “Let’s just make the best of it.”

“This is all your fault, Ray.”

“How was I to know that Shag-rila Motel was just not a typo?”

“When it’s a five-star hotel, they have people editing their websites. Damn it, I give you one job for this wedding and you screw it up.”

“It’s not my fault everywhere else is booked on June.”

“Just when I thought I could relax.”

“Hey, hey, hey.” Ray hugged Kris from behind, holding his elbows by his hands. “This is still a room.” He kissed Kris on the nape. “We’re supposed to be in honeymoon mode.”

“Well, I suppose I could let this slide. But you feed Sabina for a year.” Kris snuggled into Ray’s arms.

“Agreed. Now, where were we?”


“Ray, you didn’t hang-up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign?”

“Before I brought in your bags.”

“Obviously, you didn’t.” Kris rolled his eyes while opening the door. It was a man in full drag – blonde wig, thick lipsticks, false eyelashes.

“Excuse me, sir,” he said in a deep voice. “Do you require anything else?”

“No, we brought our bags up already.”

“Alright. Just give us a call if you need anything. Forgive the get-up. My third mistress said I should try walking in her shoes.” The bellboy left. Kris closed the door behind him.

“Beefy girl.” Ray smiled, approaching Kris.

“He was on the rather thin side. I would’ve suggested lean meat but his third mistress would probably throw a fit. You know how third mistresses are.”


Kris opened the door to find the same bellboy.

“Excuse me, sir, you left your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside.”

“We wanted it to get some air,” Ray interrupted.

“Okay. Just wanted to give you a heads-up. There’ve been cases of robbery in this hotel. Robbery and much worse.” He cackled loudly. “Sorry for that. My doctor prescribes a hearty cackle for my throat.” He left.