Her Name

“The heart wants what the heart wants. Even that which is worst for it.”

“Yes, Hippolyta, we Amazons are warriors. But we are women, too.”

– Wonder Woman (2009)



Her name, her name

As you whisper my name

Falls like a pea

To my soiled bosom

Her name, her name

Calls to me, calling fear


I think of you

Beside me inside me

Your eyes see me

Your ears hear her


Her name

Accursed name! accursed fiend!

Accursed wretch! accursed flea!

Her name shatters ice

On cracked walls



Her name

Forever her name

As I watch you watch me watch you

Across golden statues

Of strong women

Whose name is not my name


Your name sears itself to me, searing passions of foil, inside my brain you come to me, you kiss me, grope me, tie me up and seduce me. In my brain, you scream in joyous pain as underwear is flung out of the windows of resilience. You will love me and I will pretend not to. But you will touch me, way down there, smile and lick your lips and breathe. I will refuse, oh refuse, refuse, refuse. But when you stop to smile to stare at me, stare at my naked body, your penis unhardens and you softly caress me. You ask me to love you then you say my name.


But all I can hear is hers.