First contact: our arms extend towards each other, lengthening the elbows, the forearms, eventually fingertip would touch fingertip. My kness were buckling a second ago, now they stay still – connected to my feet solidly grounded to the cemented walk. My breathing slows down, matching the tempo of your lungs. It is an indivisible concept – that of inhaling and exhaling. I inhale goodness, exhale evil. I inhale love, exhale hatred. I inhale trust, exhale cynicism. The air encircles us, forming a sphere of radiating brilliance, we, two, the center of the cosmic powers. The child inside me gasps at the colors, the various shapes and forms – but I hold back and focus – as if a dying star were gathering energies inside my abdomen. Graceful rays penetrating me, cooling my blood to a form of matter previously undiscovered. I will stay. I will go. Together, we will fly.



Eight of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck