2 Squares or 1?

At the start of every war, a pawn has a decision. Two squares or one? Two squares to fly to, to ride a fast-laned locomotive, skipping brooks and streams or one square: Forward, tallying, shields up. Two squares or one? The former is closer to transforming to a queen – the regal goal he strives for. Or perhaps, if transgenderism isn’t his thing, he may take up the cross, ride a horse or, uhm, top a tower (?). Two squares or one? The black people are facing him – of course, they move last. A black priest is licking his lips, a valediction to purity. A black knight’s mace is swinging front and back, the metallic gouges a perfect parallel to his place. A looming tower shadows him, one toppled brick and the whole thing down – perhaps, a noble sacrifice. Two squares or one? So many dead brothers, white and black, their blood cleansed off the field, their bodies carted off into a neutral heaven where colors mean nothing but varying shades of the ephemeral rainbow. Two squares or one? His move.




THIS IS THE TAROT CHALLENGE, a 78-day writing challenge where everyday I pick out a random card from my tarot deck and write something about, against, inspired by, based on the card by the day’s end. The works can range from poetry to fiction to drama. When the card is from the major arcana, the title of the work should be the card name. When the card is from the minor arcana, the title can be different but the card drawn should be revealed at the end.