Monthly Archive: March, 2012


After breakfast — half-done eggs and soggy cereals — kids’ll go to school; their bags blinking behind. Sometimes, I stand leaning on the doorframe watching their drudge to school. Angel above, you once… Continue reading

The Magician

We didn’t know each other that well, Jerick and I. Some could call us passing acquaintances — I resent that. I know of him and, I believe, he knows of me. No one… Continue reading

All the More to Pump

confessions to my chiseled saint knees scaffed on the marble waiting for my boon – jaw dropping in pray’r and eyes sewn together that moment when it all rushes; a free release, bathing… Continue reading


priiiick ——                                                            xxxioxxphuzzz THU… Continue reading

The Chariot

At home, I am alone by myself — confronted, toxic; tapping away at the keyboard until something meaningful happens; like if I retype Hamlet like a chimp Later, I am alone with people… Continue reading

The Call

crouching down is he his words are pincers that sink down puncturing my skin my world polished by the ventricles postering within the body as the movement pursues and draws me to the… Continue reading

To the victor

Goes the spoils. Like how Helen, in all her infinite wisdom dropped a pebble into a pit unstringed Like the fall of the winged into the calm waters where pride swims until it… Continue reading


Milk tea is so good. So sweet, I love how it flows down my throat. Everyday, after my sociology class, my boyfriend picks me up in his Honda Civic, and we drive all… Continue reading

Flaming Hair

Fiery and bright And severely put – I glide to you Though even moths Dancing in a bonfire Die in a wisp In a dazzling light Your furnace outside My coals break within… Continue reading

How to be a Bitch

1. Stop caring. Generally, about everything – life, love, family, the internet, this blog post, yourself. Just stop. Emotions are for the weak. 2. Start surfing fashion and beauty blogs. 75% of what… Continue reading