Craft Easy (Or How I Write)

Craft is easy when

It comes unnatural

Like how a broken mouth

Is zipped; or ribbed; or

Too full to talk, craft is

That lever that pries it

Releasing the full power of

A broken voice singing

In E major; belting

Incapable of silence again

But the pregnant

Pauses would reveal

The quiet is the craft;

And the craft is the

Noise between the





THIS IS THE TAROT CHALLENGE, a 78-day writing challenge where everyday I pick out a random card from my tarot deck and write something about, against, inspired by, based on the card by the day’s end. The works can range from poetry to fiction to drama. When the card is from the major arcana, the title of the work should be the card name. When the card is from the minor arcana, the title can be different but the card drawn should be revealed at the end.