Mind of Medea

Princess Medea was flown in from afar

Miles away from her home in a golden chariot

She practiced her craft under eye of Hecate

In between passionate love with the prince Jason

Until he had enough of her fiendish ways

And got another girl to be his bride

Medea stormed like witch aflair above

As the king had banished her in exile

She swore vengeance on Jason’s own life

But death for him was too easy to give

Monster of Medea, has the blood washed out

Like the Scottish Queen, can you sleep at night

Your flying carriage could bring your mind at ease

Or floated daggers hang by their ancient doors

Medea, we pronounce you evil of them all

Vile woman, scorn of the femalekind

Did you even say good-bye, Medea

To the lie you could have lived again

Patron saint of all the women scorned,

From whom everything was taken away ,

From whose gasping breathe love was torn away,

Why do we villify what you did

When it was he who was kissing another woman’s cheek

And upon his bed does the blood of your children

Continue to spill until he gush his throat himself

Or would death be too mild for him?




THIS IS THE TAROT CHALLENGE, a 78-day writing challenge where everyday I pick out a random card from my tarot deck and write something about, against, inspired by, based on the card by the day’s end. The works can range from poetry to fiction to drama. When the card is from the major arcana, the title of the work should be the card name. When the card is from the minor arcana, the title can be different but the card drawn should be revealed at the end.