“A Foolish Journey: Poetry, Prose and Plays on the Arcana” Cover and Release Date

As promised, the Tarot Project now has a name — “A Foolish Journey: Poetry, Prose and Plays on the Arcana”

And also a cover!

A Foolish Journey

And, more importantly, a RELEASE DATE: JUNE 1, 2012! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

(If you want advance-copies, you may either comment here or send me an e-mail. rye_rye17@yahoo.com)


To quote from the blurb:


“A Foolish Journey, Riley Palanca’s first book, is a collection of verse poetry, prose-poetry, fiction, non- fiction, songs, short plays and more. It is a vast explosion of style that delves into individual readings of the Tarot. Some are hilarious, some are poignant, some are erotic, some are just flat-out crazy. The 78 works in this anthology, each representing a card, first appeared in the author’s blog and have been scrutinized and revised substantially before appearing in this collection.

Whether you are an experienced Tarot practitioner, someone who wants to learn the Tarot, someone who doesn’t know the Tarot or just someone who enjoys reading new forms of literature, this book is for you.”