“A Foolish Journey” Release Date Moved

It is with a heavy heart that I am moving the release of “A Foolish Journey”.

There is really no excuse for it. I should have sticked with the release date of June 1. However, for the sake of explanation, the reason it is being moved is because I have not finished the editing phase of the book. I was supposed to really zoom in on it the past month but I was swamped by (1) paperwork, (2) acting for two productions last week (A Chekhovian farce and a Palanca-winning Filipino play), and, when everything seemed to be lighter, (3) starting preproduction work on my thesis plays.

Personally, I’d rather the book were late and good rather then cram editing and release a mediocre work. I cannot promise a release date but I will say that this book will be released soon. Very soon.