Deelaytful Playbill

Among the plays I have written for my thesis, four one-act plays have been picked to be staged on September. We’re starting our pre-production early so as to really give a killer show.

Directors’ names aren’t released yet because we’re still finalizing which director is doing which play. Our playbill so far:


Genre: Realist Sex Play
Three couples, each at different points in their relationships, with various dreams and fears, engage in a “mix-and-match” swinger’s party with each other to discover deeper truths about themselves, their partners, and, ultimately, the nature of every relationship.
Mature Audiences.

Genre: Socially-Relevant Sci-Fi Play
Post-apocalyptic Philippines where the Clergy has taken control of the government and homosexuals are being killed. The play centers on a rebel’s attempt to resurrect his murdered lover by interrogating a priest about the whereabouts of a specific body part.
(Part of a Full-Length Project. Was thinking of staging only Act II)

Genre: Experimental Young-Adult Play
When five high school boys enter a strip club, they did not know how it would affect themselves. One by one, each boy zooms in on an incident in their group’s life, breaking down the boundaries between individual boys and group ultimately leading them to question why they became friends in the first place.

Genre: Poetic Memory Play
What is a memory? Who owns a memory? Is a memory a fragmentation of truth or the weaving of a lie? What are these men, are they men, are they characters, are they caricatures, or are they ultimately ideas? A man questions his present by rooting through his past, clawing through the shards that made him whole. A confession with no penance.