Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Delight/Delirium: A Palanca Festival

18 men, 2 beds, 3 beanbags, handcuffs, rope, and a swivel chair. As his final output as a Creative Writing student, budding young playwright Riley Palanca offers “Delight/Delirium”, a festival of four one-act… Continue reading

Gravel Like Chocolate

Gravel — Like chocolate, seeping into falling holes, nibbled at the sides, swallowed, digested, and puked out soft on someone’s back   Gravel-like chocolate — each bite snaps off its body, as crumbs… Continue reading

Knee Deep and I’m Sinking into You

Wading through this stream of sweat and piss — the current swelling, that song of darkened frogs — broaching my mind, one by one things fall my wallet falls first, then my plastic… Continue reading

Tricycle Swamp

Plastic oozing darkened corpses shaping the rotund as it is passed around necks of sampaguitas fresh among the decay.   Knee to chin knee — battling the road to purgatory, deviant to the… Continue reading


4 August 2012. Katipunan. 9pm. My umbrella has a hole in it. My feet are dirty from the grit of the darkened puddles. Home is many minutes away. 12 by cab. 30 by… Continue reading