Knee Deep and I’m Sinking into You

Wading through this stream of sweat and piss

— the current swelling, that song of darkened frogs —

broaching my mind, one by one things fall

my wallet falls first, then my plastic bag of fruit

— tidal waves arch, and I kneel in front of god —

cursing, leptospirosis taking over, comforting me

and in that final moment, as a child playing ball,

I spiral into the darkness of the street’s gaping yawn




I come to you back and forth, your name my omen

— the countless sweating, that song of ecstatic yesterdays —

chopping my hand of, incapable of pressing myself

into you, and I die swiftly within your poisonous glance

— your body swells up and I kneel down in front of it —

tender loving — but that final — incapacity to do so

leptospirosis taking over again; they warned me against you

you warned me against you; I warn nothing.