Gravel Like Chocolate

Gravel —

Like chocolate, seeping

into falling holes,

nibbled at the sides,

swallowed, digested,

and puked out soft

on someone’s



Gravel-like chocolate —

each bite snaps

off its body,

as crumbs scatter

and get trodden on,

blanketing the gothic

streets where chocolate is

gravel and gravel is



Gravel, like, chocolate,

bamboo trees, saliva

dripping, alike, nimrods,

basketballs, wedding

receptions, heterosexual

orgies, mindnumbing

routines, dusk is love


Gravel (like chocolate)

is grained sorrow,

slapped to the curb —

morose in wrath —

the fine heads substituting

themselves; teletransforming

into dismbodied figures

and ideals.





unrequited love between

siblings — or boundaries

of professionalism,

mixing into each other —

or boys playing

boys as I watch —

or that long

walk into the infinity

of my room,

missing the gravel

that tastes like chocolate.