Deelaytful: Season Two


After months of hiatus, I am proud to announce Deelaytful is back for Season Two! While I do want to say that I apologize for the lack of posts from the end of season one, I can proudly that the time in between has been sufficient to recuperate and go outside the comfort zones of my room. I am a young writer, I do not have the gravitas most writers do, hence I actively try to “experience life”, whatever the hell that means. A lot of things have changed since I wrote season one — I’m no longer in school, I’m working full time, and I’m in a different country. So if there is a significant change in style, I can attribute it to being in a different place in my life. After all, this IS season two.

What made season one stand out to a lot of people was arguably the Tarot Writing Challenge, a 78-day project wherein I wrote a short piece based on a tarot card. The collection is now released as a free ebook, entitled “A Foolish Journey.” (Download me here!) Aside from the tarot challenge, two significant markers of season one were a thirty-day writing challenge on poem-plays and short excerpts from my playwriting thesis.

It is on this note that Season Two opens. First, there will be postdated poems, short stories, and plays, written between seasons 1 and 2, published elsewhere or currently unpublished, that I will be sharing here. Second, and most importantly, is the dawn of a new writing challenge.

Yes. You read correctly. A new writing challenge. A 100-day writing challenge, based on AFI’s 100 Years…100 Songs list.

For everyone who has been following Deelaytful for the past years, thank you for your support. I am back, better than ever. For those who are starting to discover us, welcome! This is the perfect time and place to jump in.


Riley Palanca