Daily Archive: April 3, 2013

Housewife Fantasies

I secretly want to be a housewife. I know, I know. Feminism has given us the imperative of “Whatever a man can do, I can do better.” Women in this day and age… Continue reading

Hakuna Matata

Slipping on melted ice, jagged the crackfall, twenty seconds now to the next bus, missus driver now honks, hands hurrying. Fare to the penny eaten and that squeeze to the far end where… Continue reading

Bitch in Iambic

You are a slut, that is for sure, and that I know; like how you whored with my own man, Fellating him in bright corners for all To see what you have done… Continue reading

Run-of-the-Mill Angst

Why do I write, sometimes I ponder why Should they all care about the things I do Like waking up and hiring prostitutes, As if I broke the ground with some new work… Continue reading

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Ganito ang tamang paggawa ng tula— Aninawin ang pantig at talinghaga. Sukatin ang kahabaan ng ‘yong dila. (Isaulo ang tesauro—”likhang–daya”)   Sa ilalim ng tala, mag–muni–guni, Hangga’t mga musa sa ‘yo ay gumanti—… Continue reading