Delight || Delirium Photos

Last August 31-September 2 were the shows of my thesis production “Delight || Delirium.

From then until now, we haven’t really shared any performance pictures, so do allow me to post a couple here. All photos come from Chic San Agustin and Dan de Guzman:




Little Black Book:

More photos are available at this link.

I’d also like to take this time to share some reviews about the production:

“When Delight Turns Into Delirium” by Jude Cartalaba

“Delight, Delirium, Delicious” by Ely Valendez

“Delight || Delirium: A Review” by Geoff Ledesma

“Delight || Delirium” by Kane Yap

“Delight || Delirium: Vignettes of Unexpected Possibilities” by Precious Lee Cundangan

“Magkano” has also been given an honorable mention by Gibbs Cadiz as one of the best plays of 2012 in his review “BRAVO! Best of Theatre 2012”