An Open Letter to Migz Villafuerte

Dear Migz,


Let’s begin with the pleasantries. I don’t like you and I didn’t vote for you. Now if you think this is just going to be hate mail or black propaganda, I beg you to please continue reading before closing this tab. I actually have something sensible that I want you to know.

You may have come across one of my previous articles “5 Reasons Why I’m Bothered by Migz Villafuerte“, where I basically laid down five reasons not to vote for you. However, you won. I’m not questioning how you actually managed to do it, how much money was in those grocery bags you handed out, how much abs you flaunted, or how many minds you’ve actually managed to sway.

Bottomline is you’ve won. A lot of people online aren’t very happy about it, saying that you’re next in line in a lineage defined by corruption and poverty. However, as the only Villafuerte who actually has secured a position in this year’s election, you are in a precious situation — that of both power and service.

Migz, you’ve won despite everything everyone, myself included, has said about you. We’ve questioned everything, from your lack of political experience, to your very short presence in Camarines Sur, to your absence in forums and debates, and as to how your looks seem to be the main draw to your candidacy. Yet, you’ve won. Congratulations for step one. Ready for all the attention?

Because everyone’s looking at your next move. Not just your constituents, but everyone in the Philippines will look at you as the representative of youth in power. Youngest governor in the history of the Philippines, everything is stacked against you. You are leading a province that is knee-deep in poverty and oppression. You will definitely deal with bribes, with corruption, with every political debouchery there possibly could be. You will be faced with the age-old dilemma every single day, with every single decision, with every life, every sack or rice, every drop of water on the line.

And I’m asking you — nay, I’m challenging you — to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.

Migz, everyone thinks you’re going to fail. And now, not for your sake, not for mine, but for the sake of Camarines Sur, please prove us all wrong. As I pointed out in my previous post, we know absolutely nothing about you, political newbie, except for what you choose to reveal. Prove to us that what you studied abroad could be applied into our province. Lead us out of this economic, political, and social rut that previous administrations have put us into.

Be the person your father and your grandfather should have been.

I don’t have much faith in your family name, but you are young and I have faith in the idealism of youth. Let this be my challenge to you, Migz, be honorable. Be a true governor.

I don’t like you but I’m willing to. You can make me change my mind, you have three years. I now offer my hand, not as an enemy, but as a wary comrade. Sabay-sabay i-ahon ang Camarines Sur sa saiyang kamugtakan, sa tahaw kang mga problemang pinansyal, sa tahaw ning kapungawan, sa tahaw kang kasimutan, tindog, angat, layog.

Because if you don’t, rest assured, come 2016 when you start campaigning for your reelection, I might just run against you. And trust me, I’m hotter than you.






The most fabulous person who ever lived in Camarines Sur