The 100 Songs Project: A Postscript

It has been more than a week since the 100 Songs Writing Challenge ended. So many memories of the past one hundred days flew by. This has been, indeed, a great opening for Deelaytful’s Season Two.

Compared to the previous writing challenges undertaken, this one has been a different beast. While in the others, I had more room to take the pieces, this one had been bound by the song choice and the movie it came from. A lot of the songs themselves are already brilliant as they are, and writing a piece based on it was a daunting task.

I do, however, appreciate writing outside my comfort zone. With this challenge, I could not use the usual tropes I have. Basically, a lot of the motifs explored by the songs are way outside my forte. It was a great opportunity to explore varying writing styles and take on different voices, without indulging in the personal.

But, for better or for worse, it’s over now. This has been a great outlet, to be quite honest, serving as my therapy for the last few months. There have been drawbacks, sure, wherein sometimes I just feel that I have to write a piece for the sake of writing one; however, that is the reason I do these challenges. Not to brag, not to showcase, but as a form of developing discipline of writing, even when I am tired, sleepy, or mad.

As such, a lot of the pieces are quite subpar (although I will be editing them for a collection). However, I am quite proud of some of those, the product of thinking on the feet and not overanalyzing the scenarios. Many thanks to everyone who has followed Deelaytful and the 100 Songs Challenge!

And, yes, just like A Foolish Journey, I plan to release this in ebook format soon.