Sa Dakong Kawala: Mga Eksenang Binaon ng Alon || Radio Play

A few weeks ago, I collaborated with Sigaw ng Bayan CKUT 90.3 FM to bring a new radio play to air.

From that came “Sa Dakong Kawala: Mga Eksenang Binaon ng Alon”.

This radio play was interesting as it was my first time to write for the radio! In addition, we were tackling a rather difficult subject matter. The play is a protest piece against the Marcos burial in the LNB.

Anyway, enough chitter-chatter, I just found out the radio play is available online.

Check it out and let me know what you think:

Sa Dakong Kawala: Program Notes

Divided into nine independent fragments, the radio play is a protest work against martial law:

Scene 1: Gravediggers
Two gravediggers are shovelling at the cover of midnight. A stranger comes jogging in. Is he a friend or something more malevolent?

Scene 2: Shoes
All they wanted was to buy gifts for their girlfriends in Divisoria’s infamous marketplace. The presence of a notorious shopper might throw a wrench in their plans.

Scene 3: Afterlife Dictator’s Club
It is the regular meet-up of the Afterlife Dictator’s Club and only Hitler and Mussolini are present. Why are their friends too busy to attend? (gay linggo)

[Song break: “Ambisyoso” by Kamikazee]

Scene 4: Zombies
They were the lost. They were those that were taken. They were those that were forgotten. And know they are back looking for retribution.

Scene 5: History Rewritten
A high school history teacher is upset that all his students perpetually fail their exam. But when the books are constantly being revised, who can fault them?

Scene 6: Hide and Seek
It was just a game of hide and seek between neighbourhood kids. However, the kid can only search for his friends for so long. Featuring cameo references to epic and mythological characters who play the role of the lost friends.

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Scene 7: #NeverAgain
They met through Grindr for a night of fun. Will political differences push them apart or make them fall in love?

Scene 8: Carnival
A contortionist. A fire-eater. A mermaid. A bunch of electrocuted clowns. A hyper-active ringleader. The performers in this circus all share a common dark past.

Scene 9: Candle
Three actors in varying points in history gather together to commemorate memory, action, and will. Their voices resonate through the slow burning of a thousand candles. (spoken word)