#RPintheRP: A Travelogue

Day 13: Sa Sabado Sa Sarah’s

It was the end of the month, the last day of SM North EDSA’s sale, so I began the day by rushing there and going shopping.

My ninong had a play at around 5pm, a puppet show in Fairview, that was part of a workshop for underprivileged kids. When I last saw him, I promised I would watch and I am nothing if not a man of my word.

With my new luggage (a steal at 1000php) and some new shirts in hand, I took an Uber home to refresh and then took another one to Fairview, all the while, mumbling at people who said “Riley, there’s no traffic at 3pm.”


Watching my ninong‘s show was a good reminder of why I do theatre. It’s not for the big budget companies or for the huge spectacle, but it’s for the truth of the story and the truth it has to the audience. The show was a puppet adaptation of the story of Noah’s ark and, really, it was quite enjoyable.

The story is more poignant if one considers the fact that the kids putting on the show were born and raised from the slums. A lot of them don’t know how to read (and they are around 11 years old). To sit there and watch these young kids explore and enjoy the magic of a theatre performance just put a tear in my eye.

This is advocacy. This is art. And in my heart I wish these kids would continue finding themselves by losing themselves in the stage.


After the show, it was time to meet my best friend Shirl. We were to go to our old hangout Sarah’s, however we were going to have dinner at Matalino first. I grossly overestimated how the long the show was as well as the traffic back to QC Circle so I did arrive way earlier than she did.

(Side-note: Because we believe that stories should go full circle, I got notified that One was nearby and I ended up chatting with him. He lives in Fairview! Boys go full circle too, y’know.)

I had a quick snack at KFC while waiting for her and I noticed that Mark (from Fathers and Sons) was nearby. I keep telling him that Facebook’s location services are prone to stalking but, hey, I have mine turned on too.

I went over to TCB and chatted with him and another theatre friend Ivy. We talked about our plans and projects and the current racket they were doing for the ASEAN Summit. They both told me they were fans of my short landi stories I post on Facebook! A few minutes later, Shirl came and I said goodbye to Mark and Ivy.

Shirl and I ate at this isaw place across the road. It really is the perfect epitome of our life. We then took a cab to Sarah’s where we were saddened by the fact that we don’t know anyone anymore


Ate Ems was there — apparently she was promoted — and I’m glad to know someone in Sarah’s remembers my name. (Although they forgot that they christened me Lady Ganda sometime during my UP years.) Shirl and I just had one beer because as familiar as Sarah’s was, it has also become very unfamiliar.

I had another quick isaw session at the isaw place by Sarah’s. Time was, you could bring the food there into Sarah’s but I guess they had a feud and now they no longer have a beer/isaw pseudo-partnership. How sad. How sad indeed.


We made our way to TomatoKick, where we were eventually joined by Raffy, Precious, and Shirl’s boyfriend. It was a rowdy night full of laughs and “Please lower your voice or you might get a complaint” and “Kuya, just surprise us with whatever drink.”

I was shocked that they had their last call very close to midnight. It was a Saturday and you’re closing early? WTH, this is not the TK I know!


Raffy thankfully new a place called Central that wasn’t very far. So here we were, drunk off our minds, walking to that place. (There was five of us — Uber only allows four people.)

Ah. Central was quite a place. At this point, I was really getting very drunk and starting to dance and be very talkative and flirtatious with the waiter. Precious was in charge of drinks and, of course, he immediately ordered three pitchers because apparently getting three pitchers is a combo and comes with a free order of chips or something.

A lot of the night is a blur now. One thing that does stand out prominently is when Precious and I were having a cigarette break outside. There was a cute guy and I decided to be playful and be like “Hey there my friend thinks your cute.”


I hope str8 people can understand their privilege in this area. To be able to pick-up someone and flirt with them as a gay person is not only difficult, it can be dangerous. The quest for gay love is full of more peril than should be possible. #PassADB