#RPintheRP: A Travelogue

Day 15: Mega

I don’t know if I should be slightly embarrassed to admit that I also spent pretty much the entire day in bed with Six. I wasn’t really looking for anything — or anyone — special and, given that time was running out, I knew that all I could give was a fling. A glorious fling, sure, but a fling nonetheless.

I was going to have dinner with my ninong, aunt, and cousins later at SM MegaMall. Six decided to come with me and we took an Uber to Mega. It was here that we were — in very cheesy fashion — holding hands at the Uber. Yes. You read that right.


Before meeting up with my aunt, Six and I ate at Mang Inasal and then he showed me his favorite place in MegaMall — the fourth floor art galleries. It was there that we were walking around, looking at paintings and sculptures, talking about our own histories and experiences with art that I knew that this boy was dangerous. Dangerous to the heart.


I was now torn between Six and Four. I was gravitating towards Six but had no idea how to end things with Four. Thankfully, Four would make that decision for me. I received a message from him saying that he wanted to see how things would work with the other guy he was dating and wouldn’t it be lovely if we remained friends? For the first time, a message like this gave me relief.

I left Six at TimeZone and went to have dinner with my family at Mighty Quinn’s. It was a really good combination of meats and pulled pork. We had dessert at a cake place below.


Afterwards, my ninong drove us all home — and, yes, it was a good example of adult life wherein they all had to sadly live in different places in Metro Manila due to traffic problems. While driving me home, he told me stories about my mom, specifically an incident that happened many many years ago when she was accused of stealing millions.

My mom never really talked much about her younger life. I knew bits and pieces when she would mention them, but she lived such a fascinating life. I regret not knowing more — I wish I knew more and I wish I could ask her more — but for the meanwhile, stories are all we have.


When I got home, Six was waiting for me. (Yes, we left SM MegaMall at the same time, me by car and him by bus and he still got there before me!) I spent another evening with him. Again. Dangerous to the heart.