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Cover and Excerpt from Harder, Faster, Wetter and the Tarot Project

What do you think of the cover: Title Page (Photo taken during the 2012 run of Magkano, as part of MWAH: Malay~Walay~Halay. Direction by Fitz Bitana, starring Kemuel Ubaldo and Dean San Diego.… Continue reading

excerpts from HARDER, FASTER, WETTER

  Yay, thesis! Posting one-page excerpts from the first six works:   ASSHOLES and WHORES   CHRIS You’ve done something wrong, something that destroyed me. I wanted to let it slide but I… Continue reading


This scene is set at one grave in a cemetery. A GUY enters, carrying a karaoke machine. He is in comfortable clothes, with a baseball hat on his head. He sets his player… Continue reading

Bed of Roses

(Readers, I hope you have some patience for a ten-minute play) This is entirely fictional and is the product of the author’s own imagination. Any resemblance to actual people, places and events is… Continue reading


A bedroom. Simon is smoking by a window. He is in his underwear. The door to the bathroom opens and Jared comes out, a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair is still… Continue reading

Bayad (part 1)

Disclaimer: Ang “Bayad” ay laro ko lamang sa konsepto ng paggawa ng pangalawang dula sa Magkano . Ito ay magaganap limang taon makalipas ang Magkano. Nais ko lang ipahayag na, bilang laro, kapag… Continue reading

The Hanged Man

For this play, there is no stage. Or at least, none in its conventional sense. When the audience is led in, they shoud be seated in a jumbled-up pattern. Not even in a… Continue reading

Bus Rides to Bicol

I – Outside the Men’s Comfort Room, Araneta Station Damien is sitting at a bench outside the restrooms. James enters. JAMES: Fuck. I’m late. (spots Damien) Tol, what time is it? DAMIEN: 6:10.… Continue reading

Garden Hoe

A half-naked man – the bottom half of his body enclosed in a mountain of earth – breathing on center stage. He is holding a pair of shears. A rich housewife, perfectly dressed… Continue reading

The Lovers

A man and a woman on opposite sides of the stage. They are NOT talking to each other. MAN …And then I said, fuck this shit! WOMAN Such an jerk, he stormed out… Continue reading