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Public CR (Writing Challenge Day 19)

(halaw sa isang linya ng tulang ‘INERTIA’ ng kaklase ko sa CW120) Nasa public CR si Mike. Katok. Bubuksan ni Mike ang pinto. Nandoon si James. MIKE What? JAMES (ngingiti) Hi. MIKE (titingnan… Continue reading

H (Writing Challenge Day 18)

Filipino naman para maiba. This is an excerpt of a play I’m working on entitled Magkano. This is a major revision I’ve added for today.   RICK Ano ba tunay mong pangalan? JOE… Continue reading

The House is Burning (Writing Challenge Day 17)

A burning house. An impatient man in a suit walks out of it. Sirens are heard as twenty-seven firemen rush in from stage left to douse the impatient man with imaginary water before… Continue reading

Vageena (Writing Challenge Day 16)

Superwoman enters the stage. It is around four am. She is sweaty. Her lipstick has smeared, her hair is in disarray. In her right hand, she holds her four-inch stilletoes, her feet sore… Continue reading

Man and Superwoman (Writing Challenge Day 15)

MAN (as MAN) Everytime I look in the mirror I see you. (as SUPERWOMAN) Try glasses. (as MAN) You’ve always been sardonic. (as SUPERWOMAN) I try. You’ve always liked sassy girls. (as MAN)… Continue reading

Cradle (Writing Challenge Day 14)

Two men are lying on a bed, a twenty-one year old guy and a teenager. The older one is tied up. PAOLO You came too soon. JOE Sorry. PAOLO No plans of removing… Continue reading

Wishes (Writing Challenge Day 13)

A woman in white robes cradles a wad of swaddling rags. WOMAN Don’t be afraid. Hush, little one, hush. Mommy’s gonna fix your cradle. Mommy promises – stop crying, little one. The cradle… Continue reading

Winter Awakening (Writing Challenge Day 12)

A woman in long flowing white robes stands in the middle of the church altar. Her right arm is chained by a golden iron cord towards the tabernacle while her left arm is… Continue reading

Ballsy Play (Writing Challenge Day 11)

Lights very very very very very very very very very very very very very slowly fading in. Eight bodies are seen onstage. They are lined-up in a firing squad position even if that… Continue reading

Superwoman (Writing Challenge Day 10)

A thirty year old balding guy enters. He is wearing a corporate suit. Slowly, he takes off his jacket and loosens his tie. He takes off the tie and the shirt, kicking his… Continue reading