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There are bees in the balcony. They flutter around, attracted by light. They may also be drawn by dirty rooms or a couple cuddling while snoring inside. They cannot enter though — no… Continue reading

The Sun

The heat is up. It is an undying walk home. That treacherous journey from a to b. That pilgrimage that never ends, not even at its end. The rays strike me, sweat pours… Continue reading

Honest Fighting Drive

I remind myself that we are not together. Every car that passed by reminds me of yours. In anticipation, I lower my eyes, watching if you’ll come down. It is that dreadful split-second… Continue reading

An Empowered (wo)Man

The zooming lights of hurried tricycles zoom below me. I grasp the railings of the balcony, steadying myself. The cold air chafes me and I curl my scarf tighter across my neck. A… Continue reading

Empty Ashtrays

I miss smoking with you, the rough exhales of Marlboro Black exhaling through your mouth into mine. I miss grabbing your arms and lowering my mouth to your skin, from the slight tease… Continue reading

The Fool

Helpless, his naked body lay before me. His hands were firmly cuffed to the bed’s railing, a bandanna served as a blindfold and his brief as a gag. For that moment, it flashed… Continue reading

A Pragmatic Man

He knew no cause. 12 midnight, we parked at a dark alley. Big-bellied men with tattooed arms and skinny topless punks eyed each, circling. First thing I asked him — “Are the doors… Continue reading

A Dance

her swollen lips purple from the strike that lasted days upon days and then crashed; collapsed, heady and bold she did. no reinforcements; no warrior angels; no goddamn swooping army. bent and cracked,… Continue reading


Sometimes we have to destroy what makes us happy. I said good-bye to you more than a year ago and I am stronger. I see you as before lying beside me. A part… Continue reading

The Magician

We didn’t know each other that well, Jerick and I. Some could call us passing acquaintances — I resent that. I know of him and, I believe, he knows of me. No one… Continue reading