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The High Priestess

To the Girl Who First Broke My Heart I offered you a soda when I was in third grade. (You were in fourth, what a cougar. ) I giggled when you gave me… Continue reading

The Verdict

Simon loves a good steak. Not just the variety one can chance upon at a the fly-by-night restaurants. He likes his steak rare. A few hours ago, he had just given his verdict… Continue reading

Muscle Addiction

Kai arrives at Fitness First, SM North EDSA, at exactly 3:15 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Ever since I’ve known him, he’s never broken that schedule. Often, he would be coming from his… Continue reading

The Empress

Kuya, are you awake? Hush, don’t worry. I’m here. Let me be your nurse this time. Let’s just get this bag out of the way. Kuya, stop thrashing – remember when I was… Continue reading

Inhale, hold, exhale

In my pale boxers, I lean on the railings of the balcony, a can of pineapple juice in one hand, a lit cigarette burning a hole through me in another. My cellphone is… Continue reading

Layers Upon Layers

A story set in the fictional Chris-verse. Pretty much stand-alone although some references might need knowledge of the previous story (Heart of the Matter) to fully appreciate but not that crucial anyhow. will… Continue reading

Hotel at the Edge of the World (Writing Challenge Day 22)

Again, another story idea for the fantasy round of cw111. Argh, I have so many ideas! Again, yes, this is fiction but let’s just not pretend it’s not a play masquerading as fiction.… Continue reading

The Holy Fire: Part 1 (Writing Challenge Day 20)

Just trying to throw some ideas for cw111’s fantasy story. Not sure if this is the narrative I’m doing though. Yes, I’m aware it’s fiction but let’s not pretend it’s not a play… Continue reading

The Revelation Dilemma (A Big Bang Theory Fan Fiction)

(DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS. This is simply a work of fan fiction) “Someone’s knocking at the door,” Sheldon told Amy over their videochat. “Be careful that it’s not a serial… Continue reading

Six Boys and a Slut in a World With No Facebook

8am, Yakal Residence Hall, UP Diliman Mark snapped out of his dream by the sound of shattering glass. As he scratched his head, his half-asleep eyes focused on the cause of the disturbance… Continue reading