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I nibbled on a guy’s ear and felt nothing but awkwardness yet I still don’t like the idea that he may be having sex with my drunk heart-broken friend tonight.

Warm beer around the ashtray of a slut. Toasting fury over drunken trembles. Finding rapid exits here at Sarah’s. Uneaten isaw wand’ring frigid now.

Her Name

“The heart wants what the heart wants. Even that which is worst for it.” “Yes, Hippolyta, we Amazons are warriors. But we are women, too.” – Wonder Woman (2009)     Her name,… Continue reading


In velvet red he sat in front again – Crisscrossing crescent lines of malcontent. No eyes to monitor the clicks of keys; Of misspelled lies – castles and whorehouses And dungeons, parasols and… Continue reading

Eagle Flight

An eagle flies up through the sky Eggs strewing down like pure war bombs   One plops to a viper – a hearty meal For a struggling serpent   One falls on Chris’… Continue reading


Today we commemorate festival tents with no parking stolen smoking intermissions chicken and spaghetti and strawberry oreos a full house divided dancing balloons in varying pastels wheelchairs rolling in and out and in… Continue reading

Coming Home

After the ‘Welcome to Naga City’ sign I recognized nothing until I saw the bright blue letters “S” and “M”


THERMODYNAMICS Last night, instead of penises, I dreamed of vaginas. One vagina, two vaginas, three vaginas. Pulsating crimson vaginas. Hairy vaginas in three sides. Square vaginas that hum themselves to sleep. Wide vaginas,… Continue reading

The Doppler Effect

For J – Stay straight and don’t love me for if you do you’ll get to know me, and by me, I refer to the bigger me, the me within me and the… Continue reading

Free Fall

FREE FALL (THE SECOND RAPPEL FROM THE KAMPO UNO TOWER) Knees bent, hand sore Sunglasses perched Atop my top Desperate to fall He wanted me to Fly Faster Higher Like the sweat Dripping… Continue reading

Sa Tore ng Walang Kasagutan

Katamisan ng ‘yong labi, aking minimithi Munting daigdig, hipan mo man ay nababaliw O, aking Adonis, mapasaakin ka muli   Pusong nakabalot sa bakal, di mababawi Sa tore ng walang kasagutan, ako’y martir… Continue reading