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#RPintheRP: A Travelogue

I was on my way back to Canada — specifically lining up to get my boarding pass at NAIA Terminal One — when Six called me and asked how I was. “It hurts,”… Continue reading

Poem 46

1. Undue gratification / mixed hesitation or heresy 2. the sound of socks creeping down the stairs and none 3. who owns a memory who steals a memory ? 4. Does the backyard… Continue reading

Poem 22

Spread, mist, and glow again — and wet the sharps of grass. Men rushing, huddled, panting, torn: scarves and pashminas saluting flags. Automobiles in oscillating luminosity: swerving! honking! o drab drab morning rush!… Continue reading

Mothers Never Die; They Just Go Into Hiding

In truth, a graveyard lies not a mother. Mothers never die. They simply go into hiding. And like a childhood daze, it’s up to me to seek. While her ashes may be miles away, Mother’s… Continue reading

12 Internet Rules for My Future Kids

Being at the time of my life when nothing seems more important than settling down and passing on my genes, I reflected on some of the things I have learned, things I have… Continue reading

Why I Liked the HIMYM Finale

It wasn’t until a couple of days ago, after I was done unpacking in my new place, that I was finally able to sit down, put my feet up, and watch the much… Continue reading

Ten People You Meet on the Metrobus

Commuting is a fun and practical way to get around the city. In the city of St. John’s, there is only one option for commuters — the Metrobus Transit. With up to twenty-six… Continue reading

Top 10 Gay Songs That Aren’t Gay

The concept of a “gay anthem” has normally disregarded its intended gender. As such, some songs that are explicitly gay, while they could be good, tend not to make for the best anthems. Through cultural… Continue reading

Gay Men’s Rules for Dating Gay Men

The words rules and gay should ideally never appear together in the same sentence. In a global community that is still conflicted about its attitude towards the LGBT, the roots of being gay… Continue reading

Trial By Facebook Court

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, Mr. Osorio says in reference to Jeane Napoles, a woman caught in the middle of her mother’s PDAF scandal. In his article for the Rappler entitled “In Defense… Continue reading