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Five Ways to Say Goodbye to Someone Special

You’re at it again: You’re leaving the country in a few days or you’re going someplace far with no means of communication. Your bags are packed, your travel documents good to go. Everything… Continue reading


Now I know why we’re not together: I stand in the middle, shouting, cigarette between my ring finger and pinky, ordering chaos to orbit around; you, you sit at the corner, Michael Buble… Continue reading

Delight/Delirium: A Palanca Festival

18 men, 2 beds, 3 beanbags, handcuffs, rope, and a swivel chair. As his final output as a Creative Writing student, budding young playwright Riley Palanca offers “Delight/Delirium”, a festival of four one-act… Continue reading

Delight/Delirium Playbill and Synopses

Delight/Delirium Play Synopses August 31 – September 2 This festival of four one-act plays looks into that triggering incident that shifts the dichotomy from the pains of delight into the logic of delirium.… Continue reading

A Whole New World (Cover by Deelaytful and Ekang)

Hello guys!

Let this be an apology for the lack of new content lately. That will change — a new project is upcoming. In the meantime, ENJOOOOY 🙂

“A Foolish Journey” Release Date Moved

It is with a heavy heart that I am moving the release of “A Foolish Journey”. There is really no excuse for it. I should have sticked with the release date of June… Continue reading

“A Foolish Journey: Poetry, Prose and Plays on the Arcana” Cover and Release Date

As promised, the Tarot Project now has a name — “A Foolish Journey: Poetry, Prose and Plays on the Arcana” And also a cover! And, more importantly, a RELEASE DATE: JUNE 1, 2012!… Continue reading

The Tarot Writing Challenge: A Post-Script

78 days. 78 fucking days. And it’s over — the Tarot Writing Challenge is OVER. I am not a tarot reader by profession. I dabble, sure, every now and then, during parties and… Continue reading

A Valentine’s Video

I recently acted for a Broadcast Communication major friend of mine. It’s for her major class about making music videos or something. The song is ‘LOVE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS’ by Nina. Hope… Continue reading


Originally posted on Deelaytful:
When the curtain falls, we see RICK inside a room of a motel. Knock. Rick doesn’t budge. The door opens and JOE enters. RICK You’re late. JOE Sorry po.…