The Hierophant

Today, I pledge myself Not to god, but to some Dick who lives in Rome – To live by alms And take on poverty Residing in a palace With a gold-layed throne room… Continue reading

The Prom Queen

She was with her friends. Their whole gang of ditzy girls, clenching each other’s hands. They didn’t talk, not really, sure sometimes an intelligible sound would come from one of them. She was… Continue reading

your underwear

J–, you left your underwear again. I’m wondering if I should start a collection of your multi-colored underpants, a crayola box of pastels and earth tones and greyscale briefs. Why do you still wear… Continue reading

A Valentine’s Video

I recently acted for a Broadcast Communication major friend of mine. It’s for her major class about making music videos or something. The song is ‘LOVE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS’ by Nina. Hope… Continue reading

Bus Rides to Bicol

I – Outside the Men’s Comfort Room, Araneta Station Damien is sitting at a bench outside the restrooms. James enters. JAMES: Fuck. I’m late. (spots Damien) Tol, what time is it? DAMIEN: 6:10.… Continue reading

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Little girl in pink In a bathtub would swim or sink She’d play with ponies, make-up and ribbons, Until the day she’ll look like the gibbons. Fat lady in black Smacks her husband… Continue reading

Garden Hoe

A half-naked man – the bottom half of his body enclosed in a mountain of earth – breathing on center stage. He is holding a pair of shears. A rich housewife, perfectly dressed… Continue reading

Two People Singing Lonely On February 13

All roads lead to Babylon And all signs point to it Though she snuggled into me Her embraces were wont to last Hers was a face sculpted from dust And all signs point… Continue reading


First touch, zero, our thumbs Bump. I feel like a five-year-old Child being led across the road By his dittering maid. I unlace My digits, properly Putting them in their right Ridges. That’s what… Continue reading

The High Priestess

To the Girl Who First Broke My Heart I offered you a soda when I was in third grade. (You were in fourth, what a cougar. ) I giggled when you gave me… Continue reading