Sa Tore ng Walang Kasagutan

Katamisan ng ‘yong labi, aking minimithi Munting daigdig, hipan mo man ay nababaliw O, aking Adonis, mapasaakin ka muli   Pusong nakabalot sa bakal, di mababawi Sa tore ng walang kasagutan, ako’y martir… Continue reading


Pardon the formatting. I copy-pasted this from Final Draft. I’ll get around to refixing the format sometime. SCENE: CANARY CLUB TIME: PRESENT DAY The scene opens. There is a round table at center… Continue reading

Where I am From

I know of a time of goodbyes Baked in relief and regret; Of towers sculpted from ebony One cannot ascend On a dark, dark night When spiders crawl; Of the droning whir The… Continue reading

The Revelation Dilemma (A Big Bang Theory Fan Fiction)

(DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS. This is simply a work of fan fiction) “Someone’s knocking at the door,” Sheldon told Amy over their videochat. “Be careful that it’s not a serial… Continue reading

Six Boys and a Slut in a World With No Facebook

8am, Yakal Residence Hall, UP Diliman Mark snapped out of his dream by the sound of shattering glass. As he scratched his head, his half-asleep eyes focused on the cause of the disturbance… Continue reading


I stand before you, naked. With but an unspoken line, the entire city is in a hush. Gone are the rumblings of the cabs dropping off the latest batch of hook-ups. Gone are… Continue reading


This is deelaytful’s literary blog, a site to dump his creative works. I consider none of these works as finished, I believe everything in life, including my works as well as myself, is… Continue reading