Half past ten last night Unveiled by cafe’s lampshades Two coffees ignored. —– Dark stains on a mug The babes of beans long since drank Lipstick mark lies pale —– The whiff of the hearth… Continue reading

Thoughts Before The Fall (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #09)

But he has gone, into the bleak Into the trees, my master-lover And sovereign annointed by Blood and unholy trinity. His valour, mine the spirit, him the dagger, mine the scepter, and in… Continue reading

For The Next While (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #08)

Money is an illusion

Love is manufactured

Friends ride the winds

And jobs are a prison

Colored Chalk (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #07)

Until it were naught but colored chalk:


Hurt’s said to make the heart grow wise,
Not a record of asking when, when, when.

By the Deserted Four-Way Intersection at Half-Past Eleven (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #05)

yellow stepping on the gas to catch the shifting signs but no; meters before the signal line so pause, take a sec, it’s not over yet. he will wait. it’s his turn. —–… Continue reading


Two beers, half a shot of whisky, and a pound of chicken wings: carted over to table six. He had flexed, not once, but multiple bills spilling swiftly to the tray. And in unchained dances… Continue reading

Haikus past Midnight (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #03)

Breezy dusk melts through A city aching for rest Lampposts stand stalwart. —– Screeching in the dark Echoes in alleys and bars Owl or girl in need? —— As Morpheus fleets ’round To… Continue reading

Balloons (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #02)

Child, let go the yarn that tugs you sky-ward; and gone, it’s gone, eager to play with the clouded angels. Pudgy balloons belong to the wind; but litte children are birthed of the earth

Embers Crackling on the Spring Bonfire ’89 (NaPoWriMo 2015 #01)

like fire-eaters and philosophers

who — for want of weed or sea —

ponder the secrets of the dying

embers crackling on the spring bonfire.