I Could Have Danced All Night

The last glimpse of slight light, as images of superheroes and soirees blur — and allow the strange sandman inside your room, where he crawls beside you: elsewhere the DJ shifts to metal… Continue reading


Ease your wrinkles — drink Dionysus the mind’s magic marker, unbutton your collar shake off your cufflinks in wondrous dark, it is make- believe we are world humans unbound under transparent masks where… Continue reading

Some Day My Prince Will Come

We would sit by the fireplace and drink hot cocoa with marshmallows, while soft jazz plays from the stereo. He would take my withered hand and put it on his chest as we’d… Continue reading

Manila: The Last Ten Years



How can we fold 1000 cranes and let the wind blow them to where they belong, flying, fleeting to their destination? You bumped into me again today, your hand rubbing on my wrist.… Continue reading

Jailhouse Rock

The sharp broken scar on his face betrayed the soul of an artist. Indeed, it has been several sentences when he last heard that called him. He hadn’t been that popular, his name… Continue reading

Dating Someone in the Closet

This article was previously published in the second issue of The ‘OUT’port, St. John’s first LGBT magazine.  We get it: you’re loud, you’re proud, you’re political. And that’s wonderful; it is uplifting to… Continue reading

Everybody’s Talkin’

Home-woven pancho and flaming red hair: the woman staring back at me through the windows of the moving bus; and as it rickets down the road, her scarlet hair follows me: Imagine now… Continue reading

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head

The air felt sticky as he brushed a mosquito off my arm. I patted the red spot that formed where it landed before opening up the wicker basket beside us. He glanced from… Continue reading

Dyeing Black Hair Red: A Semi-Useful Guide of What Not to Do

Ginger Spice, Bree Van de Kamp, Willow Rosenberg, Donna Pinciotti, Paige Halliwell, Lucille Ball, Good Queen Bess, Lara Croft, Jean Gray, Jessica Rabbit, Princess Ariel, Daphne Blake. Redheads have a certain charm, a… Continue reading