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Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

A man is sitting on a red armchair. Bare-torsoed, he is wearing only a pair of dress pants and socks. He crosses his feet alternately, right over left, then left over right. He… Continue reading

Bus Rides to Bicol

I – Outside the Men’s Comfort Room, Araneta Station Damien is sitting at a bench outside the restrooms. James enters. JAMES: Fuck. I’m late. (spots Damien) Tol, what time is it? DAMIEN: 6:10.… Continue reading

The Lovers

A man and a woman on opposite sides of the stage. They are NOT talking to each other. MAN …And then I said, fuck this shit! WOMAN Such an jerk, he stormed out… Continue reading

Untethered (Writing Challenge Day 21)

MAN You let him lose again?   WIFE He ran away!   MAN You couldn’t have catched him?   WIFE You know how fast he is. You try!   MAN Yeah, I will.… Continue reading

Public CR (Writing Challenge Day 19)

(halaw sa isang linya ng tulang ‘INERTIA’ ng kaklase ko sa CW120) Nasa public CR si Mike. Katok. Bubuksan ni Mike ang pinto. Nandoon si James. MIKE What? JAMES (ngingiti) Hi. MIKE (titingnan… Continue reading

Cradle (Writing Challenge Day 14)

Two men are lying on a bed, a twenty-one year old guy and a teenager. The older one is tied up. PAOLO You came too soon. JOE Sorry. PAOLO No plans of removing… Continue reading

The Character that Never Was (Writing Challenge Day 9)

WRITER …and then at this part, you got to fish out your big-ass lighter before suavely lighting his cigarette –   CUTE BOY AT TK Why?   WRITER Pardon?   CUTE BOY AT… Continue reading

Helens (Writing Challenge Day 7)

This is something I want to explore in the future as a longer work. ———————————— HELEN1 Is that — Helen, it is you? HELEN2 No, I, yes, Helen, it is me. HELEN1 Why… Continue reading

Found (Writing Challenge Day 6)

(a preview of my CW 180 work in stageplay)   Two tribal men are running through a dense jungle.   RAY This way.   KRIS Bastard.   RAY This way.   KRIS You… Continue reading

Positive Reinforcement (Writing Challenge Day 5)

(based on Miko Tizon’s Zoo)   FORTUNE is running around the playpark. Frisky, he claws his way up a pole, only to jump down after a few steps. He rushed towards the wall… Continue reading