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Forty-Second Street

We parked at the corner of forty-first. I had asked him to move closer as I hated slipping through the slush that has covered the city the night before. He lowered his aviator… Continue reading

All That Jazz

There were no dustbunnies under the sofa, but she swept underneath anyway. The handle of the broom was the exact length for a woman of her height to be able to reach to… Continue reading

Hakuna Matata

Slipping on melted ice, jagged the crackfall, twenty seconds now to the next bus, missus driver now honks, hands hurrying. Fare to the penny eaten and that squeeze to the far end where… Continue reading

Old Time Rock and Roll

No one check’d if it was plugged. 5 minutes on stage, we looks like fools. Pietro, he was ’em sound engineer or some’in, he was chuggin’ some ol’ fashion brew bef’re curtain. Burp,… Continue reading

Deelaytful: Season Two

Greetings! After months of hiatus, I am proud to announce Deelaytful is back for Season Two! While I do want to say that I apologize for the lack of posts from the end… Continue reading