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The book does not end on its close; on its final period on its final page: the book rolls over its spine unto its cover and rewrites; mixing the hard font of the… Continue reading

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

I promised her I’d bring home the purple curtains on my way home. When I got home, she greeted me with a soft kiss on my cheek. She’d been curled up sick the… Continue reading


The vans, crowded with sleeping mats and hand fans, as the whole family zooms to the city, closing their store for a day, to shove through the extended queue of immigration: the children… Continue reading


(n) (1) Acing an exam never studied for while everyone else failed. (2) A tagged photo of your ex and she’s fat. (3) A cute young acquaintance kisses your cheek goodbye on a… Continue reading

Swinging on a Star

Homo sapiens Logic vs irrationality Ignorance Self-awareness Great big wars Political correctness Evolving into Anti-civilization Snapping Shoelaces removed Electric therapy Buses an hour late Cults Dyslexic textbooks Ironic dreams Failure Technosorcery Invincible chocolate… Continue reading

Theme from Shaft

I am daylight’s best kept secret, my professional masks, as the city crosses around me; and crash as to don me my leather jack and recyclable notepads. ——————- This is the 100 Songs… Continue reading

Days of Wine and Roses

At night I wrap my arms around the her slender back and unclasp the clip holding her bra, we lay and laugh as I tickle her bellybutton, and we kiss in torrid fumes,… Continue reading

Fight the Power

2013 The heat is unbearable. We sweat across streets and humble our shades. Wretched curse the sun, its glare vicious, puffy, the hanky wipes off the inglorious stains of the body:   For… Continue reading

New York, New York

I long to stand at the bright shores Of the metropolitan capital of the world One day; breathing through the rain, Taskless in my black trench, suitcase, Umbrella, hailing taxicabs and subways, Enjoying… Continue reading

Luck Be a Lady

I drummed my fingers on the table as the chubby girl in front of me droned on about her cats. So far, she was my third bust of the evening: the first, a… Continue reading