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Nobody Does It Better

Tonight I washed my work shirt by hand. Interesting fact: always do whites by hand now. It saves power and it is quicker. I can watch the red go down the sink, imagining… Continue reading

Streets of Philadelphia

The first to go were the children, Little jerseys missing hoops: devoured by their innocence. Then the gossiping women, knitting at the park, their first discovery their last. Gone was the street, just… Continue reading

On the Good Ship Lollipop

Journey to cotton-candy lands and slide down striped canes and drink sugared water: on the Good ship, Lollipop, we have a one- way ticket, valid once, redeemable, non- transferrable, non-refundable, one ticket per… Continue reading

Summer Nights

Seventeenth of June when I first laid eyes on him. It was a warm day, 28 degrees I remember the thermostat read as I left.  Yeah, I met this chick last summer. I… Continue reading

(I’m a) Yankee Doodle Dandy

Hail the nation of nations, what lavish crown tops the white body, and what AK47 poised preciously on her wartorn shoulder against the war waged against (or so said) “terror” or the supposed… Continue reading

Good Morning

You notice him yawn and, when you look around, everyone else is gone, save for the lone bartender glaring at you, pointing at a “Last Call” sign. You laugh and tell him the… Continue reading

Isn’t It Romantic?

Fresh onion soup, mother’s recipe, builds to boil, ladled the soup unto two bowls, served with drug- store croutons and hand-shredded cheese; we watch the game, slapping the knees when a hit is… Continue reading

Rainbow Connection

Muses float on the rainbow and I am under it silly little boy with pen and brush hoping through some magic that the lovely muses’s grace will fall upon my humble hands and… Continue reading

Up Where We Belong

No one believes me when I tell them of the day I started to levitate; rising four Feet, a gentle ascent, before soaring; they asked how much I had to drink or If… Continue reading

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

She was mopping off the dextrose spills at Corridor C when she heard her name over the intercom. “Janice, to the ER please. Janice, to the ER.” She turned to look at kind… Continue reading