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Springtime for Hitler

Characters: Gary — An American foreign exchange student in Germany Karl — His German roommate Setting: Gary and Karl’s dorm room. A quarter past nineteen one hundreen hours. Or, as the Germans call… Continue reading

Do, Re, Mi

CHARACTERS: DO: Raw grain, before baked bread RE: Who everybody loves. MI: A film that starred Tom Cruise FA: Offensive word for gays SO: Whole seeds thrown to the ground LA: STILL a… Continue reading

Untethered (Writing Challenge Day 21)

MAN You let him lose again?   WIFE He ran away!   MAN You couldn’t have catched him?   WIFE You know how fast he is. You try!   MAN Yeah, I will.… Continue reading

The House is Burning (Writing Challenge Day 17)

A burning house. An impatient man in a suit walks out of it. Sirens are heard as twenty-seven firemen rush in from stage left to douse the impatient man with imaginary water before… Continue reading

Postgrad (Writing Challenge Day 3)

Three idiots are typing on one laptop.   MAN 1 …And that’s how you open the word processor.   MAN 2 So, eeeee, how do you start typing?   MAN 3 How do… Continue reading