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20 Things I Want to Say (Spoken Word)

This was a performance for “Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids” on 23 July 2014. I wrote this particular piece a few years back. PS: The stage adds 30 pounds. The camera… Continue reading

Can I? (Spoken Word)

Next week, I’m conquering my fear of performing poetry live by going to an open mic poetry slam. This is my piece, thus far. It is not yet as polished as I want… Continue reading

My Heart Will Go On

6am: Eyes snapping open hours before alarm rings Burnt toast Flavoured cereal Old juice Newspapers printed in gibberish 9am Foggy computer screen Bland coffee Paper clips tangled Disarranged documents A tap on the… Continue reading

Explaining “Basted” to a Non-Filipino

I’m quite aware that basted is derived from the English busted but the original word just does not capture the essence of the Filipino one. And, yes, dumped is different. Here are a few reasons why basted is a great… Continue reading

Honest Fighting Drive

I remind myself that we are not together. Every car that passed by reminds me of yours. In anticipation, I lower my eyes, watching if you’ll come down. It is that dreadful split-second… Continue reading