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Days of Wine and Roses

At night I wrap my arms around the her slender back and unclasp the clip holding her bra, we lay and laugh as I tickle her bellybutton, and we kiss in torrid fumes,… Continue reading

Fight the Power

2013 The heat is unbearable. We sweat across streets and humble our shades. Wretched curse the sun, its glare vicious, puffy, the hanky wipes off the inglorious stains of the body:   For… Continue reading

New York, New York

I long to stand at the bright shores Of the metropolitan capital of the world One day; breathing through the rain, Taskless in my black trench, suitcase, Umbrella, hailing taxicabs and subways, Enjoying… Continue reading

Luck Be a Lady

I drummed my fingers on the table as the chubby girl in front of me droned on about her cats. So far, she was my third bust of the evening: the first, a… Continue reading

The Way You Look Tonight

To this day, I still wonder if he was lying, or if he was just being nice, or being spiteful, or dense, or really just plain wonderful, or if for some strange reason… Continue reading

Wind Beneath My Wings

To someone who didn’t know her, Melissa would seem to be asleep, curled up in a little ball, Mr. Bungley dangling by her arm. The size of the armchair she was in, it… Continue reading

That’s Entertainment

The song: A symphony in high E, belted undoubtedly by a mezzo-soprano, showcasing her frustrations, her goal to make her notes be as high as her temper. Or even higher, her vocal cords… Continue reading

Don’t Rain On My Parade

The rotund float of a monkey had just passed us by when we finally saw her: the elaborate white top embellished with golden tassels and the decently flayed skirt, as she marched, whistling… Continue reading


Though warm beer can quell the bull fuming inside, or the wench tame the caged eagle: Neither do I want, for beer can be pissed out and a wench tomorrow will lie anew:… Continue reading

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

I sealed my heart in a bottle and watched the beating waves of the Atlantic bear it across: Six years later, I remain vigilant by the shores, never batting an eyelid or resting… Continue reading