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Make ‘Em Laugh

I know of two writers, two great writers I adore: The first is the wise, the recluse pretending to be locked-up in his glass tower, where he peers with his mighty telescope across… Continue reading

Rock Around the Clock

We recognize the importance of the American educational system and we acknowledge the problem of juvenile delinquency. It is reprehensible to see the current youth of today gallavanting around during school hours, smoking… Continue reading


She had her brown hair tied up tight in a bun, as she sat, legs crossed, in front of her armoire, puffing a cigarette and putting on her concealer. She had picked up… Continue reading


Wipe off the humid smells clinging to the skin, and bask instead in the light that knocks on the boarded-up roof; set the clanking bells off and sip the most frozen avocado juice… Continue reading


Seventeen and barely legal when I first unhooked the brooch on my satin robes, revealing a pair of freckled brown shoulders. He hovered his hands above them and I felt a slight static… Continue reading

Shall We Dance?

Wise man says: In thunderstorm, mighty oak falls deafly on the ground while bending reeds defy the roars. Amidst rain, lilies are fed one last meal before they sing goodbye. “Shall we dance?”… Continue reading

Flashdance…What a Feeling

Come now, good baker of the earth, mould the ground to the syncopated song of the earth; Come, wise engineers, wielders of metal, plan the rising tempo; Come, laborers, my blue-collared children, bask… Continue reading

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

who love to read and can hang, upside down, on the monkey bars as their eyes travel the width of the book; who plays chase in the rain or rolls around in the… Continue reading

The Windmills of Your Mind

Imagine lying down and your pillow suddenly turns into a bear. Imagine the warmth and size of its mouth as your head lies on its dripping tongue. Smell the rotting fish stuck on… Continue reading

Gonna Fly Now

It’s counting seven as you inhale the skin by your wrist reddening your cheeks squinting your eyes grunt and releases to eight before realizing the set was to twelve and shaking your fingers… Continue reading