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Sunset was precisely at 8:43. The northern wind blew through the balcony doors. I hugged my nightgown tighter around my bosom. My arms intertwined at the back as I grabbed through the laces… Continue reading

It Had To Be You

through the girth of the earth, I swam and skidooed, just to end up with you: taverns leapt and mountains crushed, steady and yearning, to search and not to seek: the answer was… Continue reading

Get Happy

It’s that moment that I’m sure everyone has: awkwardness where everyone keeps fidgeting, standing when they’re seated, sitting when they’re standing, eyes darting towards the top corners of the room, and all you… Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast

One thing was for certain and one thing was claimed. The latter refers to his testimony on the 5th day of October, when he, in a room of his peers, stated, with all… Continue reading

Thanks for the Memory

As I walked down the shore, I came upon this barefoot lady, fit and tanned, no more than nineteen, drinking pina colada in her violet swimswear. She was laughing with the girls she… Continue reading

My Favorite Things

Sabits on jeepneys and kabits on movies Lighting parolas and whipping senak’los Callboys from kantos tied-up with fur These are my favorite Filipino things.   Sint’nadong kar’oke and salted duck egg Taho and sisig and rice with garlic Di-Bi-Di’s sold at… Continue reading

I Will Always Love You

metallic birds lifting their wings and shrinking as they move towards the golden eye: myself, boned, clutching the sweet scarf of her presence. ——————- This is the 100 Songs Project, a 100-day writing… Continue reading

Suicide is Painless

It’s the woman accelerating 0-80 down the freeway; she wiped her eyes as the incoming headlights of the delivery truck hit her straight through. It is one of these moments that we hover… Continue reading

Nobody Does It Better

Tonight I washed my work shirt by hand. Interesting fact: always do whites by hand now. It saves power and it is quicker. I can watch the red go down the sink, imagining… Continue reading

Streets of Philadelphia

The first to go were the children, Little jerseys missing hoops: devoured by their innocence. Then the gossiping women, knitting at the park, their first discovery their last. Gone was the street, just… Continue reading