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Housewife Fantasies

I secretly want to be a housewife. I know, I know. Feminism has given us the imperative of “Whatever a man can do, I can do better.” Women in this day and age… Continue reading


4 August 2012. Katipunan. 9pm. My umbrella has a hole in it. My feet are dirty from the grit of the darkened puddles. Home is many minutes away. 12 by cab. 30 by… Continue reading

Honest Fighting Drive

I remind myself that we are not together. Every car that passed by reminds me of yours. In anticipation, I lower my eyes, watching if you’ll come down. It is that dreadful split-second… Continue reading

How to be a Bitch

1. Stop caring. Generally, about everything – life, love, family, the internet, this blog post, yourself. Just stop. Emotions are for the weak. 2. Start surfing fashion and beauty blogs. 75% of what… Continue reading

The High Priestess

To the Girl Who First Broke My Heart I offered you a soda when I was in third grade. (You were in fourth, what a cougar. ) I giggled when you gave me… Continue reading

Inhale, hold, exhale

In my pale boxers, I lean on the railings of the balcony, a can of pineapple juice in one hand, a lit cigarette burning a hole through me in another. My cellphone is… Continue reading