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Cheek to Cheek

There’s no better pull than your sway as we play across the crisscrossed gemmed granite, bouncing luminous lines by your necktie — cheek to cheek and my rosy red foundationed on yours a… Continue reading

Shall We Dance?

Wise man says: In thunderstorm, mighty oak falls deafly on the ground while bending reeds defy the roars. Amidst rain, lilies are fed one last meal before they sing goodbye. “Shall we dance?”… Continue reading

Flashdance…What a Feeling

Come now, good baker of the earth, mould the ground to the syncopated song of the earth; Come, wise engineers, wielders of metal, plan the rising tempo; Come, laborers, my blue-collared children, bask… Continue reading


The last ten minutes of service is always the longest. “Stop, Rev. Top,” whispered me to Allie. She bit her lower lip, but the top half of her teeth were still stretching to… Continue reading