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4 August 2012. Katipunan. 9pm. My umbrella has a hole in it. My feet are dirty from the grit of the darkened puddles. Home is many minutes away. 12 by cab. 30 by… Continue reading


First touch, zero, our thumbs Bump. I feel like a five-year-old Child being led across the road By his dittering maid. I unlace My digits, properly Putting them in their right Ridges. That’s what… Continue reading


Sharp Rough-edged rulers desolation and truth silent witnesses Sharp A man shot on the back Ten times, one more than the next Sharp! ugliness grinning in a puddle of purple blood Sharp! Reset!… Continue reading

I nibbled on a guy’s ear and felt nothing but awkwardness yet I still don’t like the idea that he may be having sex with my drunk heart-broken friend tonight.

Warm beer around the ashtray of a slut. Toasting fury over drunken trembles. Finding rapid exits here at Sarah’s. Uneaten isaw wand’ring frigid now.

Her Name

“The heart wants what the heart wants. Even that which is worst for it.” “Yes, Hippolyta, we Amazons are warriors. But we are women, too.” – Wonder Woman (2009)     Her name,… Continue reading